A 9-minute cosmic journey that explores the legendary artist, graffiti writer, hip-hop pioneer, myth-maker, and New York cult icon, RAMMELLZEE.

A Red Bull Arts New York film, “RAMMELLZEE: It’s Not Who But What” was written and directed by Oscar Boyson and produced by Elara Pictures. The film was created in collaboration with the Red Bull Arts New York curatorial team behind the exhibition RAMMELLZEE: Racing for Thunder, the largest survey to date of one of the most influential yet overlooked artists of the 20th century.


Congratulations to Red Bull Arts, Max Wolf, Carlo McCormick, Candice Strongwater, Jeff Mao, and Christian Omodeo and all involved in putting this spectacular Rammellzee exhibition together.

May 4 – August 26, 2018
Wednesday – Sunday
12pm – 7pm

Red Bull Arts New York
220 w 18th Street 10011
New York, NY USA

Selected photography by: Lance Brewer. (Courtesy of Red Bull Arts New York. All artwork © 2018 The Rammellzee Estate.)

Exhibition Design and Architecture: studioSTIGSGAARD
Lighting: Sense Lighting Design
Art Director: Erin Knutson
Production Manager: Amanda Contrada
Installation Managers: Kyle Clairmont Jacques with Kyla Chevrier and Greg Kalliche
Exhibition Crew: Nathaniel de Large with Ilie Paun Capriel, Claude Barnes, Alex Holmes, Craig Monteith, John Bianchi and Hayley Martell
Gallery Manager: Jenny Slattery
Registrar: Beatriz Palacios
Content and Communications: Mac Concordia
Brand Manager: Hannah Chun

Acknowledgements and special thanks:
Adrian Boot, Aïshti Foundation, Al Diaz, Alex Behnke, Alain-Dominique Gallizia, Alessandra Bergero, Allard Wildenberg, Angela Boatwright, Archives of Edit DeAk, Arno Vriends, Arthur de Rooij, Barbara Braathen, Bethany Jacobson, Bill Connors, Bill Laswell, Brian Belott, Brian (B.Dub) Williams, Carl Everett, Carla Stellweg, Celia Bullwinkel, Charlie Ahearn, Chris Campion, Crazy Legs, Dave Tompkins, David Fouks, Daze, Delta 2, Dirk Müller, Dutch Graffitti Library, Elara Pictures, Elene Damenia, Eszter Balint, Evan Sutton, Fales Library & Special Collections, Futura, Galerie Thomas, Gen Atem, Grand Mixer DXT, Groninger Museum, Hasan Moore, Henk Pijnenburg, Henry Chalfant, Hesa, Hubert Kretzschmar, Hyosun Kim, Ian Pendleton, Immanuel Yang, Ink 76, Ivy Brown, James Jebbia, Jane Rankin-Reid, Janet Goldman, Janette Beckman, Jim Jarmusch, Joe Fama, Joe Hazan, Joe La Placa, Jon Campolo, Johnny Grizot, Jonathan Drew, Joseph Nechvatal, K-Rob, Keetja Allard, Keith Hopewell, Keo, Khalid Livingston, King Klast, Kool Koor, Kyle Piccirello, Larry Gagosian, Lee Quiñones, Lidia Carrieri, Liz Munsell, Lucy Castile and the Estate of Rammellzee, Luke House, Mac Concordia, Marcia Mercadante, Mari Horiuchi, Marissa Sackler, Martha Cooper, Mary Lord, Michael Benabou, Michael Holman, Michaela Langer, Mimmo Laera, Nick Taylor, Niels Shoe Meulman, Nina Garfinkel, Oscar Boyson, Patrick Fox, Peter Gramberg, Ralph De Haan, Red Bull Radio team, Ricky Powell, Rochelle Lewis, Salomon Emquies, Serge Ziegler, Seth Tillett, Shockdell, Simona Scarcella, Sonic Bad, Sotheby’s: Eric Shiner and Harrison Tenzer, Stephen Snyder, Stephen Torton, Steve Moore, Stuart Argabright, Stuart Losee, Suzanne Geiss, Sylvère Lotringer, Sylvia Menzel, Tamalyn Miller, Tim Kelly, Tiziano Tancredi, Todd L. Burns, Toxic, Vincent Vlasblom, Walter Bednarz, Waring Abbott, Whitney Museum of American Art Archives, Yaki Kornblit and Zephyr.


As many know I was an apprentice of the late Rammellzee, I have made my own submissions to this upcoming exhibition, anyone in New York will want to attend.

RAMMΣLLZΣΣ: [RACING FOR THUNDER] at Red Bull Arts New York opening this weekend. It is the largest survey to date of one of the most influential yet overlooked artists of the 20th century - the equation known as “THE RAMMELLZEE.”

The exhibition will be on view every Wed-Sun from 12-7PM at Red Bull Arts New York from May 4-August 26, 2018. Entry is free and open to the public.

RAMMΣLLZΣΣ: Racing for Thunder is organized by Red Bull Arts New York Chief Curator Max Wolf and cultural critic Carlo McCormick, with Associate Curators Christian Omodeo, Jeff Mao, and Candice Strongwater

May 4 – August 26, 2018
Wednesday – Saturday
12pm – 7pm


New Balance x Shelflife Store x DR.Z “CITY OF GOLD” named one of the top 10 “ALL TIME HIGH - BEST LIMITED EDITION 574’S” in this new hard-cover book entitled “ICONIC” produced by Sneaker Freaker Magazine



On the 5th of October 2017, Shelflife & Dr.Z launched the 10th Anniversary capsule collaboration project. The “BMXXX” capsule, consisting of a collection of retro BMX inspired streetwear, went on sale in Cape Town, Johannesburg and online alongside “First Thursday” celebrations. The event was co-sponsored by Jameson, providing Whiskey cocktails to attendees. Customers in Cape Town also were invited to tag a 1/1 custom Mongoose BMX bike frame which was up for raffle at the end of the evening. Watch the video below to see how it went down at the Cape Town event…


Shortly following the release of the much hyped Shelflife x Dr.Z clothing capsule, local South African celebrity musicians were spotted on instagram wearing various items from the collection. Some of those spotted included Dj Doowap, Dj Milkshake, Sibot and Riky Rick who reportedly wore every item at a recent performance. See below for some snaps and clips from instagram…

@rikyrickworld FULL BLAST

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To augment Shelflife Store’s 10th Anniversary collaboration campaign, the Shelflife x DR.Z “BMXXX” clothing capsule, Mongoose Bikes offered up a 2017 model Mongoose 20 Legion L80 frame for customization to be raffled off to 1 lucky customer at the launch event at Shelflife. All customers were invited to add their own artistic tag or signature before the bike was handed over to the randomly selected winner. Congratulations to Tarryn-Lee Alexander!


As part of Shelflife Store’s 10th Anniversary celebrations and to supplement the much hyped Shelflife x DR.Z “BMXXX” collaboration campaign, a series of 4 custom branded Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers were created to exhibit along-side the BMXXX clothing capsule. In the earlier days of BMX, Converse was the sneaker of choice for many and has therefore become synonymous with the golden-era of BMX. The custom branding, logos, graphics and colourways on the sneakers (and boxes) compliments the iconic retro themes running throughout the BMXXX range. This exhibition of custom Converse marks the brands debut at Shelflife and is a sign of things to come in future. All sneakers will be on display at Shelflife Store in Cape Town until the end of October.


Presenting: Shelflife Store x Dr.Zulu “BMXXX” 10th Anniversary Capsule Collection (2017)

Film & Editing: Ramon Mellett


After a brief hiatus, Shelflife Store and Dr.Zulu have once again teamed up but this time for a much hyped special collaboration celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the store. Taking inspiration from iconic 1980’s & 90’s BMX culture, the retrospective “BMXXX capsule collection” is comprised of an array of bold graphic statement pieces. All garments are proudly made in South Africa, using high-quality fabrics and manufacturing processes.

Read more at the Shelflife blog:

Available exclusively at all Shelflife stores and also for purchase online here:

Watch the Instagram teaser clip:

@shelflifestore x DR.Z CAPSULE COLLECTION/ RELEASING 5.10.17

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The 13th Latin/Roman alphabetical letter “M” is the most recent addition to the Lego art series of tank-style “Letter Racers” or more specifically termed: “Ikonoklast Panzerism”. As an art student of the late Rammellzee and member of the TMK collective of artists, these symbolic sculptures form an integral part of the foundation of the work Rammellzee began in the 1970’s & 80’s. The initial concepts he taught are continued and expanded here. The post-graffiti title of “Gothic Futurism” evolves with each addition in this series.


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Here’s a clip and some images with a brief explanation of the artwork currently being exhibited at the Magda Danysz Gallery London as part of the Gamma Proforma Cosmic Flush exhibition.

The work that I do with the Lego ‘Letter Racers’ is the combined result of years of study and analysis of symbology and language structure from its roots throughout history until modern graffiti, including an apprenticeship with New York artist, The Rammellzee. I create these alphabetical letter sculptures with Lego as my chosen medium because I feel the Lego system is synonymous and illustrative of language, how we build words and sentences is by joining individual parts to piece together a whole concept. In addition, fairly advanced working mechanisms and geometry can be configured into the letter structure with Lego, the result is an independently functional 3D symbol in a state of motion and dynamic flux. This concept, through both physics and metaphysics represents an evolution of the alphabet into more streamlined symbols and an attempt to correct historic manipulations to confine and redirect the alphabet…”

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The “Cosmic Flush” Exhibition, celebrating the life and work of the legendary Rammellzee.

10-22 December 2015 at Magda Danysz Gallery, London.

Featuring works from Futura, Doze Green, Ian Kuali’i, Delta, sheOne, Augustine Kofie, Poesia, Toxic, Dr.Zulu, Will Barras, Divine Styler, Mr Len, Edan, Beans and more.

Rammellzee passed away in 2010, but before he left us he recorded his magnum opus, entitled “Cosmic Flush” with producer Jonah Mociun. The carefully curated collection of unreleased breakcore and speed metal-influenced rap tracks is a future relic finally seeing the light of day with credit to London record label Gamma Proforma. The Cosmic Flush series becomes an important addition to the legacy that is the late great Rammellzee and an extension to his complex “Gothic Futurist” philosophy and unique vision.

There are 7 core tracks, each reinterpreted and remixed by various influential visual and audio artists. The exhibition is a comprehensive collection of the entire record series and original artworks, tribute paintings, prints and sculptures.

In addition, a special edition hardcover catalogue featuring all of the artworks is available to order here.

Cosmic Flush opens this Thursday 10th December, 6pm at Magda Danysz Gallery, 61 Charlotte St, London. W1 (DJ Food will be performing an all Rammellzee set for Solid Steel Radio on the opening night.)

RSVP via the FACEBOOK event page to attend on the opening night.

Otherwise RSVP to

More press info the Wire Magazine:


Hong Kong based graffiti & sticker supply company EGG SHELL STICKERS in collaboration with DR.Z to produce this limited edition blank pill sticker pack…”Prescribed by DRxZ”

For purchase enquiries mail or

Also available from Graff City UK: